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  • I Was Right on Time, by Buck O’Neil, SABR Bibliography Committee Newsletter, July 1996
  • Fighting Jews: When Boxing Was a Jewish Sport, by Allen Bodner (Prager). Congress Monthly, September/October 1998.
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  • The Integration of Baseball: An Annotated Bibliography of Nonfiction Books, Multicultural Review, June 2002.
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  • One Candle, by Eve Bunting (Joanna Cotler) and Jewish Holidays All Year Round, by Ilene Cooper (Abrams). BookPage, December 2002.
  • The History of Irish Ballplayers in Baseball, Irish America, February/March 2003.
  • A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, by Michelle Green (Dial). Multicultural Review, Mach 2003.
  • Extra Bases: Reflections on Jackie Robinson, Race, and Baseball History, by Jules Tygiel (Bison). Multicultural Review, March 2003.
  • Home is Everything, by Jose Luis Villegas and Marcos Breton (Cinco Puntos). MultuCultural Review, September 2003.

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