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Welcome to the show

By day, I am a staff writer and editor for a weekly newspaper in New Jersey, but I have also been a freelance writer for more than a decade, working primarily in sports, pop culture, and book reviews. On this website you will find, and hopefully be entertained by, some of my work. Please feel free to send comments, suggestions, or report a broken link.

Recent Items
On — October 28, 2005

Between You and Me, by Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace, known to generations of TV viewers as a mainstay of the television newsmagazine 60 Minutes, has enjoyed a long and legendary career. Since his salad days as a news correspondent in the medium's early days, and through the various incarnations of his several shows, the often-acerbic Wallace developed a reputation as a hard-hitting inquisitor.



On — October 21, 2005
Interview with Thomas Oliphant, author of Praying for Gil Hodges

“ baseball specialist Ron Kaplan interviewed Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Oliphant about PRAYING FOR GIL HODGES, his bittersweet memoir about growing up as a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the joy of celebrating their only World Championship in 1955....”



On — October 21, 2005

Feature: Baseball Titles, Fall 2005

“Who knows if, in 50 years time, authors will wax poetic about the winner of this year's World Series as they have about past victors? The Brooklyn Dodgers, for example, have two titles --- from very different sources — to mark the 50th anniversary of the only championship for the legendary “Bums” while they played in the fabled borough of Flatbush....”



In NY Sportscene — November 2005

Bernie Says “Bye”?

“Several baseball personalities, past and present, have the own websites these days. Barry Bonds, Dusty Baker, Steve Carlton, Jim Bouton, to name just a few....”



On — October 25, 2005

The Northern Game, by Bob Elliott

“For the second consecutive year, Maple Ridge's own Larry Walker helped his St. Louis Cardinals vie for the National League pennant. Although Walker is in the twilight of his career, his legacy as one of Canada's favorite baseball sons, having spent his salad days with the now-defunct Montreal Expos....”


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